• Training for professionals

    Anyone can be affected by an abusive relationship.

    That’s why our team works hard to educate not only the public, but professionals too, to spread the Glow and enable more people to identify and respond to abusive behaviour. 

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How we help

We provide the following training:

  • How to better safeguard children from domestic violence and abuse – delivered by registered Level 3 Children’s Safeguarding trainers
  • Improving your awareness of domestic violence and abuse
  • Understanding domestic violence and abuse in marginalised groups
  • How to work with heterosexual male victims
  • How to respond when a person shares that they are experiencing abuse
  • Understanding the MARAC (Multi-agency Risk Assessment Conference) process and completing the SafeLives Dash risk checklist
  • Tailored training for school staff to help you recognise the signs and understand the effects of domestic violence and abuse and unhealthy relationships on children and young people, and how to deal with abuse safely and effectively
  • Training and ongoing support for NHS staff, GPs and dentists on developing direct referral pathways
  • All of our training is delivered by specialist trainers with knowledge and experience of working with victims, perpetrators and children and young people who have been affected by abusive behaviour

You can change a life

A really enjoyable course. It makes you open your eyes to domestic violence, and I’m definitely more aware of the signs and how to support those affected.”

“Great interactive presentation. Shocking to know how much abuse can go undiagnosed.”

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