Community education and awareness raising programmes
Our work isn’t just with individuals directly affected by abusive relationships.
We work throughout the community to raise awareness, educate and prevent abusive behaviour at the source, so everyone knows what safe, healthy love looks like and how to demonstrate it.

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How can we help?

If you’re a community or youth group, we offer:

  • A 2-hour awareness raising programme session for children and young people on what domestic violence and abuse is. We can deliver this to community youth groups and clubs
  • A 2-hour training workshop for leaders of youth groups and clubs, to help you to recognise the signs of an unhealthy relationship, understand the impact, and how to confidently deal with them
You can change a life
“The professionalism and support that Girl power offered to myself, other staff and the girls has been absolutely invaluable. It has assisted us in supporting our students in a more proactive and collaborative way. We, as staff, have benefitted from the commitment that Glow has given to the school too.”
You can change a life
“The training course was very informative. I learnt the statistics and impact of DV and compared them to what I thought I knew- it was a real eye opener to learn how many people are actually affected, especially the number of people that haven’t sought any kind of support.”
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