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    Helping those who have experienced abuse

    We help children, young people, adults and families to rebuild their lives free from abuse, providing on-going personal, peer and group support. We provide training and volunteering to improve employment and career opportunities, and we offer therapeutic, learning and social activities to help build confidence and friendships along the journey. Our support is tailored to the individual and the family as a whole, so everyone feels they can live a life free from abuse.

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Our approach

How we help

What kind of support do we offer?

  • Immediate support to advise and guide you on how to stay safe
  • Ongoing group and one-to-one support to support you long-term
  • Help you to access safe accommodation and specialist support
  • Dedicated individual, family and group support to help rebuild your life
  • Help you to recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviour in relationships
  • I feel like I’m now able to just do me, to be able to focus on myself and be able to do what I want when I want. 

    With the help of Glow I’ve just landed myself a new job as a care-worker, I’ve got a big heart and I always find myself putting other people first, I like to help people who can’t help themselves. I want to help those people who deserve to be looked after.”

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  • Nadia's story

    What was the challenge?

    Nadia was forced into an arranged marriage in 2011 and came to the UK in 2012, where she lived with her husband, their child and his family. Nadia had no control over her finances and was forbidden from leaving the house without a member of the family accompanying her. She spent most of her time doing household chores and when she complained, she was threatened with divorce, and told that she would lose custody of her children and be forced to return to Pakistan.

    Feeling isolated and desperate, Nadia told a health visitor of her situation but was later forced to deny this when she was once again threatened. Nadia’s situation escalated following an argument with the family, and being forced out of the home with her child. Nadia took the opportunity to flee the relationship with help from her brother, and came to Glow for help.

    How did Glow help?

    Nadia aspired to work as a teaching assistant, so staff helped Nadia improve her education, by completing her level 1 English and maths with Staffs Housing’s Live and Learn programme. Glow also supported Nadia as she began volunteering at a local school, and began her teaching assistant course.

    Staff also supported Nadia through her divorce by helping her to obtain legal advice, and attending solicitor meetings and court hearings.

    To support Nadia’s move from refuge, Glow helped her to apply for homes, get household goods and obtain benefits.

    What was the impact?

    As a result of Glow’s work, Nadia:

    • Has obtained indefinite leave to remain in the UK
    • Is now divorced from her husband
    • Is completely independent and has control over her own money
    • Her children are happy at school and

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