Our story

We’re Glow, and we’re on a mission to create a community where no one, no matter their background, identity or circumstances feels vulnerable within their relationships.

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How we help

We are a charity, support network and service partner working to ensure that everyone within our region has access to education and support that prevents and fights to end anyone feeling or being victim to an abusive relationship.

We’re leading change by tackling the issue from all angles. We support and address the needs of those affected; we empower survivors to overcome their past toward more confident futures; and we end abuse at the source by educating the community and working with those responsible for abuse to end and change the cycle of their behaviours.

We’re here to share our story to change the stories of the thousands of people affected by abusive relationships every day. Let’s change the narrative, end relationship abuse for good and fight for everyone to know, give and feel love in a safe and healthy way. 

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