• The heart of change begins with action. It’s a full-circle approach

    Our approach is unique to Glow, but it’s part of a sector-wide movement for lasting change. Tackling relationship abuse isn’t a linear process. We need to approach abusive behaviour from every angle to ensure that we stop it in its tracks and enable everyone to understand how to recognise and prevent abusive behaviour before it takes over.

  • Address

    This is the immediate support we provide to people that are currently experiencing an abusive relationship, helping them to address the issue at hand and find a solution to stop abusive behaviour from taking over.
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  • Overcome

    Once abusive behaviour is addressed, the next step of the journey is finding a way to define life without abuse for the long term, providing support to overcome what’s happened and build a stronger future.
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  • End

    Here’s where we end abusive behaviour at the source and work to prevent abusive behaviour from happening, working directly with those responsible for abuse and the larger community to educate and raise awareness.
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Do you need our support?

If you think you or someone you know could be in or responsible for an abusive relationship, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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