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  • Top 24 books for children

    Floss and the boss.  Catherine Lawler (2021) Written for primary-aged children, this book helps children understand domestic abuse and coercive…

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  • Cat & Mouse – A poem by a domestic abuse survivor who was supported by Glow

    An isolated spot, He waits… Primal, Premeditated. Silently; Alone he stalks. Aware; Alert he hunts in the darkness.   -A…

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  • Campaign launched to help dental teams recognise and respond to domestic abuse

    Glow have launched a new campaign to help dental teams across Staffordshire to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and…

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Enlighten: our research library

  • REaDAPt Project

    Led by academics at Keele University, our 

    Relationships without Fear programme was chosen as part of the REaDAPt Project, to evaluate programmes across the EU that aimed to educate young people about healthy relationships and decrease acceptance of related violence.

    We used the evaluation to improve our Relationships without Fear programme.

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  • From Boys to Men Project

    Carried out by Keele University, the project aimed to understand why some boys go on to abuse others and what could be done to reduce the number. 

    Arch assisted Keele University to develop research tools to measure the attitudes and beliefs of boys about violence and abuse in relationships. 

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