• How Glow can help

    We’re here to be the heart of change, working to stop abusive behaviour in its tracks and change the future of relationships for the better. Find out more about how we help everyone that is or could be affected by abusive relationships below.

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  • Our approach:

    Address, Overcome, End

    At Glow, we’re on a mission to end relationship abuse for good, making sure everyone in the places we serve knows how to give and receive love in a safe and healthy way. We do this through our full-circle approach, working to break the cycle of abuse at the source and prevent abusive behaviour from taking over.
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  • Help for those experiencing abuse

    We provide a range of different support for women, men and children that are currently or have experienced an abusive relationship.
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  • Help for those responsible for abuse

    We have a specialist support programme for those responsible for abusive behaviour, helping them to break the cycle of their behaviour and change their behaviour over time.
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  • Training for professionals

    We support and train professionals throughout Staffordshire and its surrounding areas to help them better identify and respond to abuse that they come across when working with people they support.
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  • Community education & raising awareness

    Our work isn’t just helping those affected by abusive relationships, but helping to educate and prevent abusive behaviour before it happens. We work throughout the communities we serve to raise awareness and educate people on what to do and where to go if they think they, or someone they know is experiencing abusive behaviour. You can help us to address the issues of domestic abuse - whether it’s by campaigning or raising awareness.
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  • More about Glow

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