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    Helping those responsible for abuse and everyone in our communities

    Our aim is to build communities where everyone knows how to identify abuse and bring it to an end. We raise awareness and provide education on how to spot and respond to abusive relationships in schools, businesses and communities; we train and work with other professionals to help them recognise abusive relationships; and we work with those responsible for abuse to end the cycle of their violent and abusive behaviour.

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Our approach

How can we help?

What kind of support do we offer?

  • Support to help those who abuse others to change their behaviour and build healthy relationships
  • Raising awareness in the community to educate and prevent abusive behaviour
  • Training and support for professionals to enable more people to identify and respond to abusive behaviour
  • “I don’t think I could of found the help I needed anywhere else. The way the group functions as one entity to build a bigger picture to draw attention to each other’s behaviours that they may need to develop further. It has encouraged me to lead a more positive life, especially in my intimate relationships. It has changed my views on my own behaviour and given me the tools to change them in the future.”

  • “Attending the course us simply the best thing I’ve ever done. I have come a long way but I realise it’s just the start and I need to implement everything I have learnt to take me forwards. 

    “I can control my emotions much better and I realise getting angry will not make a problem go away – in fact, it’ll make it worse.”

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  • Chris' story

    What was the challenge?

    Glow became aware of Chris assaulting his ex-partner when social care workers reported it. Together they have two children who had witnessed the attack. Chris has an extensive criminal history for violence, drug offences and theft. Chris refused to cooperate with the social care workers, and was often verbally aggressive to them. Through conversation, it emerged that Chris had a limited understand of what domestic violence is, and that he was brought up by his father who believed that violence was acceptable if someone offended or disrespected another.

    How did Glow help?

    When staff from Glow spoke with Chris, it was clear that he had limited understanding of what domestic violence is and how it can impact on others, believing that it could only be physical. Chris was honest with his answers and when staff gave examples of other types of abuse, he thought about his actions and consequences, despite it making him uncomfortable.

    On Glow’s second meeting with Chris, staff were impressed by his improved understanding of domestic abuse and how it affected his ex-partner children. A change of social worker had helped to improve the situation at home and expressed his desire to take up Glow’s offer of support.

    What was the impact?

    As a result of Glow’s support and Chris’ cooperation:

    • Chris is attending group sessions that enable him to continue to improve his behaviour
    • Chris has developed skills to deal with stressful and difficult situations, without becoming abusive
    • Chris understands the importance of communication and taking time to think about what he has been told before acting on it
    • Chris is committed to having a healthy relationship with his family, and can express his remorse
  • Eddie's story

    What was the challenge?

    Glow became aware of Eddie when he applied for contact with his daughter. The court made it clear that Eddie would need to address his anger and complete a course, which helps to change the attitudes of those that are responsible for abuse.

    As a teenager, Eddie had struggled to accept the death of his father. Because of this, he found it difficult to build and maintain relationships and control his anger. Later in life, Eddie had spent time in prison for physically assaulting his mother’s partner.

    How did Glow help?

    Eddie’s journey to rebuild his life and change his attitude towards domestic violence began with a positive start. He expressed his desire to receive help from Glow and would do what was needed to change his behaviour. He felt that this would help him to control his behaviour and give him the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with his daughter and partner.

    Eddie was invited to take part in several group sessions, where staff explained what domestic violence is, how it impacts on others and what can be done to minimise the risk of it happened again. In these sessions, Eddie developed an understanding of what he had done and showed remorse for his actions. Staff also visited Eddie’s partner and explained the ongoing support they were offering Eddie and how we could also help her to rebuild her life.

    What was the impact?

    As a result of Glow’s support:

    • Eddie now understands and recognises his past abusive actions and the consequences of them on his family
    • Eddie is able to manage difficult and stressful situations without becoming abusive
    • Eddie’s partner has been supported through our freedom programme and knows how to contact us if she has questions or concerns
  • Jake's story

    What was the challenge

    Jake was referred to Glow as a result of physically assaulting his son. Jake had a history of domestic abuse against his partner in their relationship and admitted that he had verbally, emotionally and physically abusive.

    Jake blamed his abusive behaviour on drinking too much alcohol and feeling in adequate because of childhood trauma.

    Jake had realised that his abusive behaviour was getting worse and that he needed support to stop this, but didn’t know where to go for help.

    How did Glow help?

    When talking with staff at Glow, Jake spoke about his desire to understand and take responsibility for his actions. He acknowledged that he had been abusive and this had impacted his children.

    Because of Jake’s desire to improve his behaviour, Glow was happy to offer him a place on one of our programmes to help him end his abusive behaviour. Staff spoke with Jake in a group setting and helped everyone involved to understand what a healthy relationship is, the importance of communication as well as what techniques can be used when he finds himself in a stressful situation.

    What was the impact?

    As a result of Glow’s support, Jake:

    • Is able to recognise abusive behaviours and unhealthy relationships
    • Has kept in contact with his children
    • Is working with other services to address his alcohol use and depression
    • Has used techniques to deal with difficult situations without becoming abusive

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