• Cat & Mouse – A poem by a domestic abuse survivor who was supported by Glow

An isolated spot,

He waits…




Alone he stalks.


Alert he hunts

in the darkness.


-A living breath

-A beating heart…

Fuel his desire.


He creeps closer



in the false hush of the night.

Clothed in deception

He perfects his shot and readies himself.


-The spirited creature

senses a chill

A moment she freezes

He pounces to kill.

A moment

A lifetime

The ‘play’ never ends.

The cat-like amusement:





His sinister pleasure

He tears you apart.

You’re breathless,


Clutching your heart.


Your heart pounds

You’re alive

He’s fled

You’re alone

Find your freedom in darkness:

You’re safe.

You’re home.


There’s solace in silence and

Hope in despair

as springs of healing

source growth and repair.


Be kind to yourself;

You’ll find your own way:

Find your rhythm,

Your cadence,

The note in each day.


Recover, reclaim

The music within

Let it flow and let go of the darkness.


Don’t fear,

Break free

Let the wind clear your path.

Soar high soulful spirit

And never look back.

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