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Inspired by what we do and want to help? Or, are you simply looking for a way to meet new people and build your skills whilst giving back to your community? We have a range of roles and opportunities where you can fit in. Whatever your reason, we’d love for you to join us as a volunteer.

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“At the moment I’m doing my practice placement with Glow. I chose the organisation based on the services they provide to victims of domestic abuse. I’ve met with lots of service users and staff in the organisation. I’ve learnt a lot from the staff about domestic abuse and it really opens my eyes to what happens in an abusive relationship.

“I’ve had safeguarding training and I’m learning most from the senior members of staff. I believe that what I say, when talking to victims of domestic abuse survivors, does have an impact on their journey and their progress and recovery from abuse. I’ve completed the group programme and lead art therapy sessions for the customers. I received positive feedback from the art therapy class that I lead, and I was able to understand and see first hand how it impacted on their mental wellbeing.

“I have enjoyed the experience and I’ve been able to learn things and see them first hand. I’ve been working with the organisation for about 10 weeks now and it helps me to get invaluable experience.”

Your time matters
“Volunteering for Glow is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It will help me with my career, it links with what I’m doing at university and this experience will help me to progress in my career. I’ve had people say to me that they wouldn’t be here if this service wasn’t here, and its nice to know that I’ve played a part in that. It makes it all worth it to see just how much they’ve developed and progressed. I’m helping people during such a hard time, people going through this abuse feel alone because they feel there’s no one there who genuinely understand, and we do. I realised that I was capable of helping others, it grew my confidence.”
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Did you know we’re part of Honeycomb Group, working to champion happy homes throughout Staffordshire and its surrounding areas? Throughout our group of brands, we have a range of volunteer opportunities to help you give back to the community.
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