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Glow launches Valentine's
Day campaign to raise awareness of different types
of relationship abuse

While Valentine’s Day is a happy time for most couples, it’s an intense day for people in abusive relationships.

This Valentine’s Day at Glow, we’re launching our #OnValentinesDay campaign to raise awareness of types of abuse that most people might be unfamiliar with.

We’re highlighting them to make people aware of the signs to watch out for, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

We’re also making sure people know where to turn to for support if they need it.

Love bombing

Love bombing is sometimes referred to as phase one of the cycle of abuse. It’s when an abusive partner overwhelms you with ‘love’ and is designed to push you into, or back into, an abusive relationship.

This can mean excessive gifts, compliments and attention from your partner that makes you feel emotionally or financially dependent on them.

It’s a manipulative tactic used to gain control and can make you feel like you ‘owe’ something to your partner.


Hoovering is your partner tries to ‘suck’ you back into an abusive relationship.

This can involve ‘accidentally’ bumping into you in public, or overwhelming you with texts, phone calls and emails.

Messages can range from ‘hello’ and ‘I love you’ to more serious, aggressive ones such as lies or suicide threats.


Stonewalling is when your partner refuses to communicate or co-operate with you.

It’s sometimes accompanied by ‘the silent treatment’ and is a way for your partner to gain control by belittling and disrespecting you.

This can be emotionally exhausting for the recipient, as they are left to carry the emotional and physical burden of the relationship.


Gaslighting is when your partner makes you question your own reality. It’s a slow and scary process that can be hard to identify until you’ve left the relationship.

The intent behind gaslighting is to make you doubt your own memory, perception and sanity.

Signs of gaslighting from your partner can include:

·        They say you’re imagining things.

·        They call you ‘crazy’ or ‘too sensitive’.

·        They retell stories to place blame onto you.

·        They make you doubt yourself.

#OnValentinesDay and every day you should feel loved, valued and respected by your partner.

If you’re experiencing any of these types of relationship abuse, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.


Get in touch with Glow today for support. Call 0330 0945 559 or email [email protected].

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Get in touch 0330 0945 559

CALL 0330 094 5559, OR 999 IN AN EMERGENCY

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