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We offer support for women from all ages and backgrounds. No matter what you’re going through we can help you to address, overcome or end abusive behaviour and help you to define your life without abuse.

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We’re available to talk Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.

If it’s outside of these times, then please call Childline on 0800 1111.

If you are in immediate danger please call 999

How do I know if it's abuse?

How do I know if it’s abuse?

Most of the time, if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t right.
Know the signs

Help if you're experiencing abusive behaviour

Help if you’re experiencing abusive behaviour

If you’re currently experiencing abusive behaviour in your relationship, we can support you.
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Help if you're responsible for abusive behaviour

Help if you’re responsible for abusive behaviour

If you think you may be responsible for abusive behaviour in your relationship, we can support you to change your behaviour.
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How we help

One to one support

One to one support

We support children and young people aged 5-19 through schools, colleges and refuges through one-to-one support.
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Help if you're experiencing abusive behaviour


Our Young Persons Violence Advisors (YPVA) are specialist qualified professionals who support young people who are at high risk from domestic abuse either through their family situation or in their own abusive relationship.
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Help if you're responsible for abusive behaviour


We deliver this 7 week programme in refuges to children and young people who have been affected by domestic abuse.
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Whatever their story, we’ll find support that’s right for them.
Louise's story

“I have worked closely with Glow staff Cassie and Sarah for a number of years. 

“The service is absolutely brilliant and the support utterly priceless for our young people. 

“The staff are experienced and professional, with a wealth of knowledge about healthy and unhealthy relationships and working with young people to recognise the signs, and work to empower young people to use strategies to manage their individual situation.

“Having Glow involved in supporting our students has been a total success story for our young people.”

How we've made a difference

“I’m a Young Person’s Violence Advisor, and work to ensure that children and young people who are experiencing abuse have a voice and are not hidden. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to support those in need, and am able to do so through Glow funding my professional qualification.”

“Partnership working is crucial, and working with schools, colleges and other organisations to make sure they are receiving ongoing support is essential!”

“I support young people in abusive relationships, by identifying their priority needs and the best way we can help them to stay safe while in the relationship. We focus on helping young people to recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviour.”

“Recently, I worked with 14-year old Stacey who had experienced high level physical and sexual abuse from her partner and was isolated from friends and family.”

Thanks to Ruth’s support, Stacey:

• Is better able to understand healthy and unhealthy relationships

• Now understands that she has a right to be protected from abuse and that she is not responsible for the way other people behave

• Liked the sessions as they have helped her to recognise her feelings

• Feels less isolated and able to ask for support

• Has stated that she would like a future career in being a Young Person’s Violence Advisor

Ruth Mason-Tooth

Children and Young People Programme Lead – BBC Children in Need

*Note: For confidentiality, the names of the young person we supported has been changed.

Our promises to you

We're always by your side

We’re always by your side

If you feel trapped and isolated by abusive behaviour, know that you don’t have to go through this alone. We’ll be here to support and walk alongside you when you need someone to be there. That’s a promise.

We're open to everyone

We’re open to everyone

Anyone can be affected by relationship abuse. That’s why we work with people from all walks of life, all genders and all ages. If we don’t have a programme that’s right for you, we’ll point you in the right direction to ensure you’re taken care of.

We’ll value your safety

We’ll value your safety

We understand that reaching for support isn’t easy. Our expertise and experience means we really do understand how important confidentiality and flexibility is for your safety. We’ll work with you to find a plan that prioritises that.

We’ll respect your choices

We’ll respect your choices

We’ll listen to what you want, and we won’t judge or force you into something that you don’t feel is right for you. No matter what you choose, we’ll make our support work for you.
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Imagine a world where no one has to live through an abusive relationship or feel trapped in the cycle of abusive behaviour. That world is possible, but it starts at the heart of the issue, working to end abuse at the source and bringing recovery, education and prevention together to make a lasting impact

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