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    We’ve got a range of volunteering opportunities to enhance your business’s corporate social responsibility programme. From sponsorship and volunteering, to choosing us as your charity of the year, you can play in part in helping us to tackle domestic abuse. Just contact us at fundraising@localhost or fill in our form and one of our team will be in touch

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  • Your time matters

    Portmeirion Group

     “It’s our commitment to support the local communities where we are based, our employees chose Julia House Women’s Refuge, part of Glow, to be one of their charities of the year for 2019.”

    “For many years we have supported the refuge with toiletries and now the relationship has grown from the items we donate for resettlement packs, stocking the refuge with toiletries to our fundraising efforts.”

    “So far this year we have raised over £800 for Julia House, donated a pallets of ware and several boxes of toiletries and clothes.”

    “All our employees can make a difference to the refuge no matter how big or small, Donna and her team really make our partnership special and always let us know where we make a difference, this makes it a great local charity to support!”  

  • Your time matters

    Robin, Wolstanton Rotary Club

    “Wolstanton Rotary Club has supported Glow over several years with monies raised through our regular yearly pop-up charity shop.”

    “We concentrate on local charities that benefit our local community and where the results can be experienced and seen to matter.”

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