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    Helping those currently experiencing abuse.

    We provide personal support to help put together a plan to increase your immediate safety, freedom and wellbeing. We can provide safe accommodation or support to remain at home, through one-on-one, peer and group support programmes to help with the immediate next steps to start building a life free from abuse.

Need someone to talk to or know someone who does?

Call us: 0330 0945 559

If you are in immediate danger please call 999

How we help

What kind of support do we offer?

  • Immediate support to advise and guide you on how to stay safe
  • Ongoing group and one-to-one support to support you long-term
  • Help you to access safe accommodation and specialist support
  • Dedicated individual, family and group support to help rebuild your life
  • Help you to recognise healthy and unhealthy behaviour in relationships
  • Jenny's story

    Glow has given me a safe space to communicate my problems. It’s an environment that I feel comfortable and safe to share in.”

    “Often domestic abuse victims don’t speak out because they’re ashamed, just because you can’t see or hear it going on doesn’t mean abuse isn’t going on.”

    “I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Glow I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale today.”


    We value the safety of those we support, so we’ve changed their name

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  • Kelly's story

    What was the challenge?

    Glow became aware of 19 year-old Kelly’s situation when she had applied for supported housing, and she spoke about issues she was having with her ex-partner. Kelly was distressed as a result of her ex-partner stalking, harassing and threatening her both at college and at work.

    The experience had become so bad, that Kelly had thoughts of self-harm and planned to commit to suicide. With no support in place, Glow made it their mission to support Kelly and improve her life.

    How did Glow help?

    Staff worked with Kelly to understand what support she needed. Kelly was initially distrustful of Glow because of past experiences with other agencies which had been unable to help her.

    Staff got to work straight away, supporting Kelly to rebuild her life. Glow assisted Kelly to report her ex-partner to the police, attend police interviews and to access her local GP to get medication for her mental health, as well as emotionally supporting her through this.

    Now able to trust Glow, Kelly continued her progress with further support from staff. She attended courses on anger management, positive mental health, one-to-one and group support. As a result, Kelly felt ready to move into her own home.

    What was the impact?

    As a result of the support Kelly received from Glow, she:

    • Has returned to her employment
    • No longer feels angry or suicidal
    • Has built up a support network of friends
    • Feels empowered, confident and is now independent
    • Understands and seeks help from professionals, rather than ignoring her problems
    • Is now debt free
  • Adilah's story

    What was the challenge?

    18-year old Adilah fled her family home after they tried to kidnap and force her into a marriage. She came to Glow from Birmingham to receive support and find refuge accommodation.

    Adilah felt uneasy about the move, as she knew that her family would no longer support her. After speaking with our staff, Adilah revealed that she was bi-sexual and was not a practising Muslim, which her family did not agree with. The move, as well as feeling stressed about the situation, had an impact on her completing her education.

    How did Glow help?

    Glow’s initial focus was on Adilah’s safety, so the team worked with the Police and Forced Marriage Unit, which resulted in her parents being cautioned and issued with a five-year ‘forced marriage order’.

    To enable Adilah to continue her education, staff worked with the local college to make sure she could continue her studies. Glow’s refuge provided a safe environment for Adilah to study, develop her skills and keep in touch with her siblings, with a safety plan in place to ensure her safety.

    What was the impact?

    Thanks to the support from staff, Adilah:

    • Has begun studying at Hertfordshire, with Glow staff helping her to apply for funding
    • Is able to budget and handle her finances
    • Has grown in confidence and engages with Glow for help
    • Feels she can be open about her sexuality
    • Has developed the necessary life skills to move away while studying at university

Do you need our support?

If you think you or someone you know could be in or responsible for an abusive relationship, get in touch.

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