• Children in Moorlands refuge given extra funding for activities and trips

Our Staffordshire Moorlands refuge has been granted extra funding to help us improve the lives of the children living with us.

The funding of £10,147.63 has come from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and means we can run more activities for the children and even take them on trips.

The money will help us buy equipment and resources such as craft materials and play items, as well as run a creche for young children so that women with pre-school children get time to work on their own recovery with their support worker.

Debbie* and her daughter live at the refuge: “This will really help my daughter mix with other children her age and hopefully help my daughter’s speech.

“I think it will be great for the kids too to be able to mix and make friends in the refuge, especially now the weather is rubbish. I think this will really lift their moods.”

Katie is also a mum living at the Staffordshire Moorlands based refuge with her children: “This funding for activities is ace, my girls will love that. They get bored in this flat and just colour, they will love making new friends and doing new things.”

The funds will also mean we can have our dedicated children’s workers on site for longer.

Sandy Sykes, the refuge manager, said: “We are so grateful to the council for this funding. Coming to refuge can be a scary and overwhelming time for children, but these activities will help them to settle in, make new friends and feel less alone.

“It will also improve links with our service and the local schools and community children’s services such as the children’s centres, the leisure centre and nearby libraries.”

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