• Glow celebrates role teachers play in ending domestic abuse this World Teacher Day

Today (5 October) is World Teacher Day, and we at Glow want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers and education staff who play an important role in helping us end domestic abuse.

As abuse and violence in a child’s life often causes disruption to their schooling, teachers play a vital role in identifying the signs, such as changes to their behaviour or educational attainment, and responding to domestic abuse.

Teachers are also among the first people children are likely to disclose abuse to, with schools seen as children’s safe space and teachers as trusted adults they can talk to.

With around 1 in 5 students aged 11 to 17 exposed to domestic abuse, schools reopening after lockdown meant thousands of children got their safe space back, away from home.

Becky Cotton delivers Glow’s education and prevention programmes to schools and colleges: “During this time, World Teacher Day couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s our time to really celebrate teachers and education providers and the role they have to play in ending domestic abuse.

“Sadly over the lockdown, there was lots of children and young people who lost their safe space overnight There were so many children then that were vulnerable to witnessing domestic abuse daily or even being involved themselves. However, schools adapted so quickly and efficiently so that it is possible for them to have their safe space back. It can be easy to forget during such a difficult time how important relationship education is. Now more than ever, there are children and young people who need that safety planning and education on how to spot the signs of an abusive relationship.

“With all that in mind, we at Glow just want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers and education providers across our region who have continued to recognise how important our service is to these children and young people”

Glow have adapted their schools programmes to be delivered online in a COVID secure way, meaning children can still learn about safe and unsafe relationships in an age appropriate way. To find out more, please contact educationandprevention@findtheglow.org.uk.

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